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أعمال الطالب أحمد عادل رشاد
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Ahmed Adel Rshad
student at Cartoon Lab

Hi,my name's Ahmed Adel,I was born in 1993 Began career Graphic on 3/25/2010 and before that I don't know anything about graphics software only Photoshop but I shortly after found that it is a limited program I can't to do anything I want and found that it was not what I want as I love movies, cartoons and cinematic Tricks so that I decided to look for a program that can make all of that and after a long search found the what called 3D and found that an unlimited world and I can do anything I want with it so I decided to start learning it I searched on the Internet for the 3D programs until I had reached the Maya and 3Ds max are more programs fame in this area and I compare them and found that Maya most beautiful and impressed the business made by then I loaded Maya program and decided to start in learning but when I opened the program I found many of the menus,commands and complex tools I tried to learn through the download DVDs form the Internet and found it more difficulty I felt that I lost & Maya is very difficult and I can't learn it but I never did give up I kept looking until I found Cartoon Lab Academy and found that it's DVDs teaching of the Maya more than wonderful I asked some friends I've met through the Internet and they told me it's a wonderful and professionalism on assets so I decided to buy Cartoon Lab DVDs and began to learn from here I knew That Maya is so easy and how they can explain and clarify information and simplification of the basic image and found that they take my hand step by step towards professionalism and I saw that I can do a lot with maya in the very few in less than a month I learned lots and lots of follow-up every day with new DVD increase my knowledge and understanding of the precise details in maya. Here I continue to teach and study the Maya DVDs from Cartoon Lab.

Available For job or freelance, you can contact me by Cartoon Lab at 002-01113965984-002-01091249760

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